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and in essence the tool becomes what the operator makes it. >> at its heart stand your ground was a bill designed to protect innocent people, to prevent the public from enduring the hardship that comes with defending yourself against a violent crime, from skyrocketing legal costs to having your reputation tarnished before proving your actions were justified. however, with 32 gun murders in the united states everyday perhaps stand your ground inadvertently gives people innocent or not, the right to kill when it no longer requires them to retreat and instead empowers the use of deadly force outside the home. with a gun culture that currently divides our country and the repeated mass shootings that seem to become progressively more shocking, is stand your ground the kind of law that we need to feel safe, secure and free?
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>> michael: i'm michael shure. tonight in "the war room," a look at america's made-for-tv political progress report otherwise known as the state of the union address. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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>> michael: president obama tonight delivers his fourth state of the union address. it coincides with a new news poll that finds 52% of americans approve of the job president obama is doing. while only 38% do not. the speech, of course, will have an emphasis on gun safety which president obama has made a top priority in the wake of the sandy hook school strategy. the 15-year-old honor honor roll student who performed in the inaugural parade only to be gunned down later. they'll bring in other people who have been touched by gun violence. our next guest is one of those house members rosa delora. >> thank you very much. >> michael: before we get into
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the minutia that we expect to get out of the speech, who are you bringing and why is that? >> i'm honored to have with me tonight, that is a brother of one of the teachers vickie soto. her brother carlos is with me tonight. vickie and carlos' family is from stamford, connecticut which i represent. vickie is a true hero. she hid--she hid some of her students in the closet, and then she stood in front of the others to protect them. then she was murdered as one of the six teachers in the sandy hook elementary school. carlos is at the stratford high school. he is a satisfy sophomore. he is a wonderful young man. he placed a call to me
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unbeknownst to his parents that he wanted to come in and speak with me. is not about numbers. this is about every parent, relative. every person asked me when we sat down, what are we going to do? that's the right question as a congress, what are we going to do to stand up for those families. those at newtown. those at oak creek aurora, and families around the country who have lost loved ones. >> michael: i want to ask you congressman delau ro about that. the question he asked you is what do you want to do? it's clear what you want to do. and it's clear what like-minded congressmen want to do. but you're surrounded by people who don't want to do what you want to do. one of them is bringing ted
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nugent to the speech tonight. does your dance partner tonight understand what you're up against in that chamber and legislation is going to be difficult to push through? >> well look i think we understand. if this were easy we would have had this done a while ago. but i think the newtown sandy hook experience which i characterize as a slaughter of innocents, has a new environment. it is difficult, but that's not the way we should approach this. we're looking at common-sense measures. for instance let's ban the high capacity magazines. let's take a look at the loopholes in background checks. let's close them down. and then yes the assault style weapons should not be in civilian life. there are many people on both sides of the aisle who concur
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with that effort. yes, we should have mental health services. what we ought to be doing is listening to the families. listening to their stories listening to them as to what they believe their responsibility is in terms of moving forward. we are not talking about taking people's guns away. we are talking about some common-sense measures, which we ought to be able to pass in a bipartisan way in this institution. that's the way we need to approach this. it's not that it's a tough fight, that we need to climb a mountain, but we need to move on behalf of these families, and millions of families who have lost loved ones over the years. >> michael: i think that's your energy on this is clearly infectious. the president said he will. the vice president as you well know, has been just a supportive as you have been. we're looking at the house much representatives as it is.
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how do you think with your experience in congress, how do you think this gun legislation is going to work out in this congress? >> well, you know, i think we have said that we're not all of like minds but i'm hoping that people can be persuaded and we'll be able to move forward on several measures that the presidents have proposed. it is not all encompassing, but they are very well divined divined--defined, and there is a consensus in the nation, when you get over 90% of people saying let's close down the loopholes when you have 60% are saying a ban on assault weapons. this is just not me. this is not just one person or a group of people who have support this effort. there is a new environment in this country. should we take it on? we can't guarantee how it's going to come out. but our job is to take this on
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with great strength, with the voice of the american people behind them. >> michael: well, if you were in a pulpit a lot of people would be whooping and wooing over this. tell me, congresswoman, before we let you go, tell me something fun about this speech that people who don't get to be in that chamber don't get to experience. what is the cool thing about the state of the union. >> i've been in congress for 22 years. this is my 23rd year. it's always a thrill to be in that chamber. the history the tradition of that speech the bicameral effort and it's the launching of the president's agenda over the next four years. it's a very special evening, and i am really so pleased that carlos soto is here with me for me to see it, especially since
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the president is going to address the issue of gun violence and that's that puts a very important face on this issue in this nation. >> michael: rosa delauro go get your aisle seat. we'll be back. >> thank you. >> michael: for more on the state of the union we'll go to our most reliable correspondent david shuster, welcome back to "the war room"." >> it's great to be with you. >> michael: what do you think the tone will be likes david? we have seen enough of these speeches. we get excited about it. we often get the same thing. what are we going to get from barack obama tonight. >> this is going to try to put the tea leaves together, but the white house has been clear today, the last couple of days that yes the president is going to talk about an address to congress, and this is what the administration and crank can do together. yes, there will be things about foreign policies, gun control
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infrastructure clean energy. but the white house has gone far and beyond than in previous speeches where the president is going to be speaking directly to the american people without the filter of washington reporters and pundits. secondly the white house has been talking a lot about making republicans own the cuts in spending, the sequester. when you hear the white house say repeatedly, a lot of speech is going to be focused on the economy, and the president is going to argue that $85 billion in spending cuts could wreck the economy, and it's the republicans' responsibility to help avoid that. this comes across as a much more partisan speech. a lot of people were anticipating just a few weeks ago. >> michael: let's talk about the partisanship of the speech. we heard that inauguration speech. how do you think--that was partisan in a lot of people's minds. i didn't see it as partisan. i sort of saw it as progressive and forward-thinking.
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but when you think about what the president is going to say tonight how will tonight's partisanship differ from what we heard on january 21st. >> the white house got a lot of criticism that the president didn't seem to truck a lot about economy, there was immigration and climate control. the white house will be emphatic about the economy their vision and you grow an economy from the middle class as opposed from a trickle down from the top. they will use this as a bully pulpit to blame republicans if the sequester goes through. you have all the makings of president obama simply saying to the american people. okay,i these members of congress in front of me, but they're not cooperating with me on these issues we have to solve in order to come up with a budget. that's where you might get the charge of partisanship. we can agree or disagree whether it's partisanship or not.
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but clearly the president sees a golden opportunity tonight to frame this ongoing battleel over the sequester and automatic spending cuts that as you noted will put the economy in the ditch if these spending cuts go forward while the economy is so fragile. >> michael: getting away from the serious stuff these speeches are a little bit like auto races. you're looking for the crash. we can't forget that joe wilson moment when he's screaming that the president is a liar, and nancy pelosi is shocked by it. do you think they will be on their best behavior tonight? >> speaker boehner made it clear there should not be the loud screams. but it's interesting to see ted nugent the congressman's guest the congressman from california.
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and ted nugent has made verbal threats against the president that it caused secret service to interview him. i think boehner will give a little bit of room for his caucus who wants to jeer or cheer at the mere mention of tax cuts and sit on their hand when the president is talking about continuing spending. i think he'll give his own caucus a little bit of room there. >> michael: the fact that he did not address the ted nugent thing makes me know that you are accidently right. we know you're not going to be watching this but michigan state, we'll let you know what happens. coming up, can marco rubio break the curse? a political graveyard which makes the tea party response an episode of the "talking dead."
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plus north korea the fly that just won't stay out of your food food, although now it's a nuclear capable fly with a hold on the world. we'll bring you the latest there. and then the fun stuff the state of the union trivia. the time-honored weirdness. it's a big night in washington, and we're just getting started so stick around. [ ♪ music ♪ ] build
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address. he'll address gun control, immigration reform, and the economy. we however, promise to bring you a current perspective. only on current tv. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: you're back inside "the war room," and i'm michael shure. as we mentioned earlier president obama delivers his state of the union address and as is his custom the republicans will offer a rebuttal. to do so this year is florida marco rubio who will deliver it not only in english but in spanish, all part of the g.o.p. to rebrand itself after a dismal performance in the election. coming to us via skype in washington, d.c. is journalist
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michael grunwald with this week's "time" article. welcome to "the war room." >> thank you. >> michael: i want to ask you about marco rubio. what sets him apart? is he different than mitch mcconnell? is he another tea party guy. >> he is a tea party guy. he's more conservative than mitch mcconnell and he has a lot in common with paul ryan, they're both conservative republicans who came of age in that post gingrich era. as i said in the piece rubio speaks partisan republican as his native tongue. mitt romney was speaking it as a second language. you can see how the republican party if they think that their only problems is that they need
3:19 pm
to improve their message and reach out to latinos better, rubio is an excellent communicator. he doesn't speak spanish. he's cuban-american. if they don't feel that they need to change their position on other issues, he's pretty down the line domestic policy, social policy he's pretty conservative. >> michael: when you say he's cuban-american it brings to mind that it seems that the republicans are fooling themselves again. oh we're going to degree the latino population. the cuban experience in miracle is very different from the rest of the latino experience in this country. don't they think that this argument is going to be lost on those hispanic-americans? they'll see marco rubio as something completely foreign to them. cubans, of course, have a much
3:20 pm
more lenient immigration law when it comes to coming to this country, and there is resentment there. the republicans don't feel like they need to win the latino vote. mitt romney got 25% of the vote. if he had done as well as george w. bush, who got 40% this would have been a different election. they do feel that rubio can make a difference, particularly as he has moved his position on immigration in recent months. >> michael: you know, i think about this rebuttal speech. i think about how every statement union we get so excited, we talk so much about it. as a matter of fact the republicans will throw up the rare minority that they find within their own party. i think of bobby jindal, who give a disastrous speech. do we make too much of this rebuttal? first of all i think that they need to find a new produceer
3:21 pm
fill an audience and do it in a completely different way. this isn't the springboard to anything, is it? >> look, we make too much of speeches any way. as you know i wrote a book about the stimulus, and bobby jindal gave that infamous speech right after the speech where everybody made fun of him because he was like the nerd from "30 rock." he made that crack about something called volcano monitoring which turned out was monitoring volcanos, and then the volcano erupted a month later. everybody made fun of him and said his career is over. but now a few years later people are still talking about him for 2016. he's still the governor of louisiana. the republicans, who everybody was laughing at at the time because it's so silly the economy is falling apart and here they are talking about how we don't need government. but actually in 2010 that turned out to be a pretty good message.
3:22 pm
i think marco rubio gives a much better speech than bobby jindal. he really is a charismatic guy. he's only introduced himself to the american people at the republican convention when he had the bad luck to come after clint eastwood when no one was paying attention as everyone is trying to find the youtube and transcript of that insane speech. this is an opportunity for him. >> michael: you bring up presidential ambitions that bobby jindal may have. it seems to me that jeb bush is the only thing standing in the way of marco rubio right now and i don't care if people don't like 2016 prediction talk. and people who say they don't also like it by the way. it seems that jeb bush is the only thing standing in the way of marco rubio, is that accurate? >> that's hard to say. jeb bush is his political
3:23 pm
mentor. i told this interesting story in my article that people sort of assume that he wouldn't run if jeb is in. i asked him since jeb has a book coming out on immigration and my story was really on rubio and his personal political journey on immigration since he has come out in this gang of eight. he has an extensive set of proposals. i asked him if he talked to jeb. he said, yeah, he sent a text. >> michael: that is really telling. well, michael grunwald of "time" magazine, thank you so much for coming to "the war room" and talking with us tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> michael: we'll talk about something that we promised to keep our eyes on. in the 60 days since the tragedy at sandy hook, 1774 have died of gun violence. that's about 68 newtowns since
3:24 pm
newtown. jennifer zacharias is one of them. a 16-year-old boy shot jennifer friday morning in the backyard of her cleveland home. he's now in jail. jennifer's father heard the gunshot, went to her room, and discovered her body outside. jennifer's family and friends are looking for answers. >> why would someone want to take someone's life. that's somebody niece, cousin, best friend, sister, you take somebody's life away like that. >> michael: sadly, no answer to those impossible questions could bring jennifer back. we do know that too many guns are cutting short the lives of too many people in this country. 60 days since sandy hook, 1774 deaths and counting. this has to change. that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: in about two and a half hours president obama will enter the house chambers to thunderous applause that republicans and congress seem to make it difficult for him to restalk his cabinet. they voted along party lines to move chuck hagel's defense secretary nomination to the full senator. the senator combat veteran and wildly successful businessman will need 60 votes to overcome a filibuster from his own party. here is leader mitch mcconnell mcconnell's logic. >> sometimes you want to kill a nomination. there are a number of members of the committee who feel that the quest for information has not yet been met.
3:29 pm
>> michael: is that guy ever ever smiled? he said he has not disclosed more of his income. harry reid said he's planning to build a vote for hagel later on this week. in other nominations reid seems to be playing air traffic controller. >> we need to get to brennan. we have jack lew. we have cordray and getting that done. >> michael: those are read anything but smooth sailing. we have l. joy williams and joe williams, in case you're wondering they're not related. i thank both williamss for being here. >> so far as we know. >> michael: we got to bond this right away guys. we got to brand it right away. joe, i want to talk to you about
3:30 pm
chuck hagel main republican senator reportedly, susan collins will reportedly be supporting chuck hagel's nomination and so will kay hagin which is a big thing. she's from north carolina. that could give him the 60 votes that he needs. what are the other hurdles that hagel still faces here? >> well, he has got a bunch of them. lindsey graham is pledging to put a hold on his nomination, something that harry reid has said he won't entertain but that's probably the first battle. we still have to get to--he has got to get five or six republicans to side with the democrats and vote for him. that's not given our contentious the hearing committee was split down the party line 11-13. not a good sign for the comedy in the senate. that being said there was a lot of talk about this being unusually to filibuster a nominee. john mccain said he's not in favor of filibustering a
3:31 pm
nominee, especially not one for secretary of. i think it looks like there are going to be positive signs but there is no way that hagel is going to cruise through this nomination. >> michael: yes, if anything it seems than smooth sailing. mcconnell said that he did not disclose his personal finances. he made two speeches on the arab-israeli conflict, is this an issue for hagel? >> it depend on who is asking. i've read the article to see what it says. it comes from fox news, and they're complaining about two speeches that were given and all the speeches that he had given over all the public speeches, at this time when we live in the age of google to think that someone would be
3:32 pm
hiding speeches is ridiculous. >> michael: that's a great point. you have to see where it came from, and when things come from that news organization we always question it a little bit. >> "news." >> michael: yes, i see the quotes up there. it seems joe we've talked about it before on "the war room" as well. the idea that the only nominee that actually is getting such political opposition right now is chuck hagel, the republican. the only republican that president obama has nominated to this new set of cabinet position. is this personal or is it political? >> well, it's probably both to be honest with you. my glib answer is that one of the reasons why they're so upset about chuck hagel is you're basically siding with the black guy and you're crossing party lines. it's ending up in a messy divorce. he's going to work for a guy that a lot of republicans can't fathom. that alone is treason in their eyes. you have that personal aspect of it where you have a guy who used
3:33 pm
to be a member of the club who is now joining the opposition. that's going to make for some very rough waters no matter how you slice it. then you have the professional pass sectaspect of it that the congress that has been so heavily invested in denying barack obama a foothold on anything will make everything as difficult as possible especially a nomination in times of war when you have a defense secretary who is not whetted to going to war and you have unpopular situations. >> and then you have people posturing. they're looking beyond the moment, and they're looking to send a message back to their base to make sure that they're not primaried to make sure that they're standing up for a particular base or a particularly small base as a
3:34 pm
party. that both mixes personal, political and showmanship. >> beyond that-- >> michael: i just want to ask joy, and then i want to ask you joe. chuck hagel, confirmed or not confirmed. >> i think at the end of the day, confirmed. >> michael: joe williams? >> agreed. >> michael: the same kind of thing that is going to happen, utah republican orrin hatch. he sits on the senate finances committee. he said quote if taxpayers are going to prop up failed banks they have a right to know what a key executive like mr. lew did at that time. i want to ask you is this disingenuous on hatch's part? he voted for tarp. now he's coming back and owe poes lew for doing exactly what the senate basically instructed these things to do. >> i want oh to give him the benefit of the doubt that they want the public to know the information about people's role with taxpayers' money and
3:35 pm
considering that a number of people are still feeling pressure in the economy and that the banks and the housing market has not just gone their way, he wants them to give the benefit of the doubt to share the information with the public. but then i think back this is just politics again and showmanship. this is a person who has already gone through vetting of this kind three times. you know, so what's different? >> michael: well, that makes perfect sense. before i let you each go, joe what is your headline on the state of the union. tomorrow's headline, what do you think it will be about? >> hum, i honestly think it will be about gun violence. i think that will be the top line, perhaps talk about a second stimulus and other things about obama trying to regrow the middle class. >> michael: and joy you had more time to think about it than joe, what is it? >> the jobs, the structure that the president plans to introduce to continue to talk about the
3:36 pm
economy which the average american is looking to hear. then second, i agree with joe on gun violence. i think it's up to a number of congressional folks and senate folks are bringing victims and victims' families of gun violence. i expect to hear tough talk about that as well. >> michael: great smart. >> and ted nugent. >> michael: you think it will be a headline? >> i don't think it will be a headline per se but that's what brings it a stark contrast, head-scratching what were they thinking when you have poignant victims and stories being told, why are they bringing a guy who is so off-putting to this issue. >> the headline i would like to see is them blocking him from from it all together. >> michael: we would hear about it tonight. thank you to l. joy williams and joe williams related only by political insight.
3:37 pm
coming up inside "the war room." why a member of congress arriving for the state of the union eight hours early doesn't cut it any more. first, north korea's nukes. the her mitt state doesn't have any friends, and it knows how to alienate people. what are we going to do? we'll break it down next and we'll be right back.
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>> michael: north korea confirmed that yesterday's unusually seismic activity in parts of south korea were caused by an underground nuclear test.
3:41 pm
the government had used a smaller and lighter nuclear device with greater explosive power than previous tests. this is the third test in six years, and the first under the leadership of 29-year-old kim jung-un. it comes weeks after sanctions sanctions had been tightened against north korea. that was in december. the president issued the following statement. these provocation dos not make north korea more secure, far from achieving it's stated goal of becoming a strong and prosperous nation. north korea has instead increasingly isolated and impoverished it's people. other nations including china north korea's only ally, as issued statement opposing north korea's sanctions actions. here with me is gordon chang he
3:42 pm
wrote it just for today. welcome to "the war room." >> thank you so much. >> michael: obviously this is big news on a day we have the speech coming up tonight. but what is the significance of this test in a global way. >> north korea has crossed two technical thresh olds. there was the test of the three- three-stage missiles very successful. put a satellite in orbit which means with a few adjustments it could land anywhere. then we have this powerful explosion today. if it was a miniature device as the north koreans said, that's even more impressive. probably between five years maybe three, north korea could put a dent anywhere it wants to on the face of the earth.
3:43 pm
>> michael: it's interesting too, because kim jung-un. he was a power in 2011. a lot of people saw that he had a western education educated in switzerland, that he would be more reasonable about nuclear arms and arsenal. who is he flexing for? is he flexing for his own country and the military leader who may have doubted him or is he flexing for the world. >> i think he's flexing really for his own regime. in an one-man regime it's always untable when the leader dies and somebody takes over. we have a society that respects age and what shows up? a 18-year-old at the time. what kim jung-un needs to do is consolidate his power in the military. this is going to be a problem. this is a regime that is partly in disarray, and nobody is going to do the right thing. >> michael: you know, it's funny that you--not really funny but
3:44 pm
it's interesting that you say it's going to be a problem. i feel like the world--this is just my take on it--kind of takes north korea seriously but doesn't really take north korea seriously. >> you're absolutely right. the north koreans have been regood as desensitizing everybody to the dangers that they pose. it's not just north korea that we have to be worried about. north korea sales everything that it makes. in 2003 in beijing a north korea diplomat told one of ours that they reserve the right to do that, and guess what, they've actually been selling this stuff. they sold a nuclear reactor to the iranians who then sold it to the syrians and they've been selling these big missiles to the iranians. this is a problem of proliferation. >> michael: yeah, i hear what you're saying, and it sort of, like i said before, it does globalize it a little bit.
3:45 pm
the president spoke to the president of south korea and they both spoke and coordinated the response. with china leading the way responding to this, which is big news, what should the rest of the world's respond be to something like this? >> it's good that china has this rhetorical shift of being tougher on north korea. but what we really need to see is not only china going for sanctions in the security council because they've done that before, but what we got to see is china enforcing those sanctions. in april 15th, last year the big military parade in pinioning pin gyong we saw missile launchers that were against sanctions. i think what needs to happen is united nations needs to hold china to account. this is very serious stuff. >> michael: the idea then that china could take a leadership
3:46 pm
position, how does that help them at all? what would their incentive be to do that? >> well, for long term this would be in china's best interest. unfortunately in beijing you have to consensus to hold to long-term policy. every time the north korean engage in provocation they do it all the time. we go to beijing and ask for help they ask for concessions from us. we shouldn't fall for t but we always do. this has been a problem. >> michael: it's ladder not to look at this news if we live in the american vacuum that we live in and not think that the timing is interesting around the state of the union. do you think that there is any voracity to the idea that they did this around the state of the union? and being that whatever you answer to that, do you think the president is going to talk about
3:47 pm
north korea? or is that exactly what kim jung-un wants him to do, or will he leave him alone. >> first, kim jung-un definitely wants the president to talk about north korea tonight and i think the president has to. the president was going to talk about an unilateral reduction of the nuclear arsenal of the united states. we need to talk about that in connection with what is going on in asia. i absolutely think that the north koreans did time this for the state of the union. they were going to test at some pointer, but not necessarily today. i think the other thing is yesterday they wanted to test around kim jung-ils birthday, the former leader. but i find it very suspicious. the only way i can explain this is that they tested today because of this particular day because they really wanted to get the president's attention.
3:48 pm
>> michael: i'm sure they've gotten it, and you haven't you have got ours. thank you for your insight. and brett erlich will once and for all prove that all those mail-order method acting classes that he took was a good investment. >> coming up i'll explain this. don't go away. address. he'll address gun control, immigration reform, and the economy. we however, promise to bring you a current perspective. only on current tv.
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3:52 pm
dorner is hold up on cenks lake jenks lake road. >> michael: no. >> cenk: but its spelled j.-e-n-k-s. a new mana newa new man fess toe not to kill people, but he's right about what is said about african-americans in the police department. i'm going to do the progressive state of the union tonight and then we're going to have chris hedges part of hedges versus obama on the show to talk about the national defense authorization act. >> michael: now that i'm gone there is nobody there to protect our poor president. you and chris it sound like a good show. have a good time tonight and have a good time on the state of the union. >> cenk: thanks, michael. >> michael: now for a look at the best of the rest. the stories that i don't want you progressives to miss on this tuesday evening. we're giving you some state of
3:53 pm
the union trivia. being a plus one at the state of the union is an honor and privilege. willbut let's be real. michelle obama's guest 102 desalene victor. she waited over six hours to cast her vote. she's 102 years old and she waited six hours. this is a reminder that fixing our voting system should be a big priority. and luis gutierrez will bring an undocumented worker and father of two american-born sons. he faces deportation after driving without a license. the deportation guidelines are support to deport criminals not deporting people like sánchez, who is a working parent for driving without a license. that's not why you get deported. guess who will be seated next to
3:54 pm
nancy pelosi. the man who left his heart in her san francisco. singer tony bennet. he'll be there with an epic rap battle against ted new nugent. the seating for the state of the union is not assigned, so if you see a member of congress standing along the center aisle chances are they got there really early to claim their spots. there are four members holding seats today nine hours before obama's speech. texas representative al green sanford bishop. california rep barbara lee and sheila jackson lee a notorious aisle hog. she has made face with every president since clinton. and if representatives want to secure prime seating they have to stay there the entire time.
3:55 pm
it's like waiting in line for the new iphone. no bathroom breaks for you congressmen. we know who the guest of honor are, but we don't know which cabinet member will be honored with the order to stay away tonight. god for bid if something happened at the capitol tonight we would be without legislative and judicial branch of government. so one member is ordered to stay away so he or she could lead the country if anything should happen. who is most suited, defense state or justice. since 1984 the secretaries of agriculture and interior have been designated the survivor six times each. commerce has had four designees. the only person to be designated twice is evans.
3:56 pm
we would only survive by selling crops grown on public land or screw it we're on our own. a quick break and then we'll get to brett erlich. stick around. people with sore throats have something new to say. ahh ! mmm ! ahh ! finally, there's cepacol sensations. serious sore throat medicine seriously great taste. plus the medicine lasts long after the lozenge is gone. ahh ! mmm ! cepacol sensations. what we need are people prepared for the careers of our new economy.
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3:59 pm
>> michael: and now to the world of entertainment. superman makes headlines for saving babies and stopping criminals. but they have to write the next edition of the classic comics is making headlines for a different reason. our own comic book character brett erlich has a different story. sit down, everybody brett's talking now. >> dc comics is coming under fire for hiring anti-guy super man comic. expect to see superman fighting the evil sources of larry and

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